About Me

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Jason and Melissa Wade-McKinnies are the Senior and Worship Pastors respectively at Southern Illinois Worship Center in Herrin, Illinois. Melissa is originally from Portland, Indiana, and was born again at the age of seven years. She began singing at the tender age of three and hasn’t stopped since. Melissa began writing at an age when life seemed to be falling apart—those pesky teenage years. She attended Indiana Bible College where she pursued a degree in Theology and was a member of the elite Chorale musical team. Melissa went on to fulfill her dream of making an album when she debuted Grace Amazing and later added her second musical CD endeavor, Beyond. Weekly she is challenged to live out her formula for success in worship leading which is – Praise added to Worship reveals His Glory – and that is what it’s all about! Jason and Melissa are a formidable team. They possess an exceptional sensitivity to the movement of the Holy Spirit. Jason and Melissa change the atmosphere where they are and usher in God’s spirit. It is in His presence where lives are transformed. Jason and Melissa deliver a clarion call to all for such a time as this.

Meet Melissa

Welcome to my world…I am the wife of Jason, mom of Morgan & Zoe and fur mom to Marlo & Lucy... I am a lover of the Enneagram and hope to be a certified coach very soon... I'm a worshipper and I love leading worship... I love all things social media & marketing... and I love to help coach people through life.. Be sure to check my social links above and follow me on all channels!