To Be Young Again…

Yes, I am talking about growing older today.  Yes, I know you don’t want to go there.  Yes, I know you wish you could stay 18 forever (or 17 or 16 or even 15).  Yes, I know getting older is hard.  Yes, I know there are no do overs.  Yes, I know it’s a fact of life.  In fact, I don’t need anyone to remind of that.  It’s a fact that’s present before me…every. single. day.

Last night my husband and I were “kid-less” for a few hours, so we decided to do something we have fallen in love with doing…we took a really, long Jeep ride with the freedom top off!  The sky was full of swirling clouds, the fields full of wheat, and to me, it smelled like summer for the first time!

What does summer smell like?  No clue how to describe it, but it’s real folks!  The smell is real!

We hit a certain point in our drive and immediately I was taken back to the summer of 1995.

It was a summer spent relishing the fact that high school was over!  I spent the summer with friends…cherishing every second!  I got the new-to-me Honda Accord that ultimately needed the engine replaced in the first two weeks of owning it and Shania Twain’s song “Any Man of Mine” blared on my radio constantly!  It was THE summer!  I worked at McDonald’s, so after we closed each night, we would take off “cruising” and ultimately we would end up driving around just breathing in the summer air and thinking life couldn’t possibly be any better.  It was the summer that “Indian Outlaw” by Tim McGraw was popular.  I remember laying out underneath the stars and listening to this song and thinking this summer is one that could last forever.

It didn’t because it can’t.

Life went on.  Life must go on.  Life WILL go on.

For me, I left for college in the fall of 1995 and life changed completely.

If only I could go back to 1995…to be that young again, to be in that moment again, to experience the feelings and emotions I felt then!  I would definitely do some things different and some I would leave exactly the same!

Ever been there?  Ever said that?  Ever felt like that?  Just wanted to go back to what was familiar?  What once was?

I think the older I get, the more nostalgic I become.  I just wanna go back.  Back to times that seemed simpler, when people were kinder, and life seemed easier.  Back to the days of when my only responsibility was keeping myself in line.

But alas, we can’t go back.  There are no do-overs.  There are no second chances at many things, usually all things!  There is no way to live through it again.

So with that in mind…take advantage of today!  Live.  No, I mean really live!  Laugh…love…give…breathe…smile…and hold on to the scripture that says “the latter will be GREATER than the former”!

No matter how good that summer, that moment, that period of time was…this summer, this moment, this period of time will be better…despite what you see, despite what you feel and despite what you know!

Now go out and enjoy those summer nights and breathe summer in!  I promise it really does have a smell 🙂




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