Have you ever felt that way? Completely stumped? Utterly confused? Downright flabbergasted?

I don’t think I had ever felt this way in my life until the last month and a half.  Oh I think I thought I might have felt this way, but really and truly, it wasn’t until the last month and a half that I have just been left with moments that have totally left me dumbfounded.

And those moments have left me with a ton of questions which include why, how, when and then why again! Ever been there? It’s a horrible feeling to feel flabbergasted! Thankfully we don’t walk by feelings!

But rather, we walk by faith! Faith, that even in the moments where we feel helpless, hopeless, or flabbergasted, we are reminded that God is with us and He has already walked this road before! He knows when to pick us up when we feel we might fall due to the weight of the situation or the pain or grief we are enduring at that moment!

And that faith gets us through the tough times! Those times when we feel completely stumped, utterly confused and downright flabbergasted! He is there! Ever present! Always willing to help and to guide!

On a side note, just because I get the privilege to brag on my kiddos, I now have a sophomore and a third grader living in my home!  Am I old enough to have a sophomore who is starting to drive?  Where has the time gone? Probably the same place my brunette hair (which is now turning gray) and my unwrinkled skin has went!  LOL

Much love to each of you! Be blessed today and go encourage somebody, they’re waiting on you!

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Welcome to my world…I am the wife of Jason, mom of Morgan & Zoe and fur mom to Marlo & Lucy... I am a lover of the Enneagram and hope to be a certified coach very soon... I'm a worshipper and I love leading worship... I love all things social media & marketing... and I love to help coach people through life.. Be sure to check my social links above and follow me on all channels!