Missed Opportunities

Tonight I have the incredible honor of speaking at a local university and I couldn’t be more excited and yet as nervous as all get out. You see my topic is on relationships and how we are to lead a Godly and holy lifestyle. A lifestyle that others around us can see that points them to Jesus.

I began to think about my own life and how I was when it came to relationships as a teenager and a young adult. My dating life started early. Nah, mom and dad were pretty adamant I couldn’t have a real relationship until I was older, but we all know how rebellious one can be!  Lol!  So sorry mom and dad! I hope I don’t reap what I’ve sown that’s for sure!

But I digress. As I look back, I wonder just how many missed opportunities are in my story overall. Have you ever thought about that in your own life? I know I have several and not just in the relationship realm.  I have missed opportunities all over the place. You probably do too.

How many times did I miss an opportunity to be a Christian because I just wanted to walk in my flesh? How many times did I miss an opportunity to be holy because I just wanted to be carnal?  How many times did I miss an opportunity because I said I didn’t have time but I really did? How many doors just closed because I simply refused to walk through them because they didn’t look like what I thought they would? How many times did I miss an opportunity because I was just lazy? How many times did I miss an opportunity because my focus was off kilter?

You see, we are lives filled with missed opportunities. And these missed opportunities can often make us feel like we are simply a-miss. We feel like we’ve missed our purpose, our calling, our direction, our answer, our hope, our dream job, our soulmate, our one chance at a break. It makes us feel a miss.

Lost at sea.










And who in their right mind, wants to be alone. It’s like a five letter word that carries such a stigma that in all reality, it shouldn’t. Jesus Himself went to the Garden, alone. He went there for reflection, for prayer, for strength, for direction, for answers.

Alone is not a bad thing.  And it’s not final.


Because we are never alone. We are never a heart with a half missing, unless we don’t have Jesus in our lives. We are not a BFF missing the BEST part of the heart. We are complete and whole and fulfilled and enough and with someone when we make Him the Lord of our life.

You might feel like you are a miss right now.  Maybe you want to be a MRS., but you’re still a MISS. Can I tell you that you are not a MISS? You are not MISSing anything! You are not aMISS in this sea of life! You are not MISSing your purpose or your calling because you are not in a relationship with a guy! You are not MISSing half your heart that is lost in space somewhere because your heart is complete in Him! Stop looking for the MR. and start looking for the opportunities that God is opening up for you right now so that you don’t have a life of MISSed opportunities!

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