The Comeback

I don’t know about you, but Tiger Wood’s victory yesterday was absolutely amazing! You see, I’ve always been one that rooted for Tiger! I’d like to think I am more than a fickle fan! Lol! When he would play in a tournament in the past 11 years, I would want him to win and win big! I am not a golfer (although I’m happily married to one), but I am

Missed Opportunities

Tonight I have the incredible honor of speaking at a local university and I couldn’t be more excited and yet as nervous as all get out. You see my topic is on relationships and how we are to lead a Godly and holy lifestyle. A lifestyle that others around us can see that points them to Jesus. I began to think about my own life and how I was when


I wrote a song for my second album called Changes. It was a very personal song for me as it depicted my bout with depression (that I ultimately won!) after I had my first child. I had always heard of postpartum depression, but I never knew the extent of its impact on a person. It baffled me completely. It left me shell-shocked almost to no end and I don’t think


Have you ever felt that way? Completely stumped? Utterly confused? Downright flabbergasted? I don’t think I had ever felt this way in my life until the last month and a half.  Oh I think I thought I might have felt this way, but really and truly, it wasn’t until the last month and a half that I have just been left with moments that have totally left me dumbfounded. And

Nobody’s Perfect

Was praying this morning about a few situations happening in my life and these thoughts came to me… As much as you are disappointed in someone, someone else can be as equally disappointed in you…and they probably are. As much as you are frustrated with someone, someone else can be as equally frustrated with you…and they probably are. As much as you are upset with someone, someone else can be


My blog is pretty simple this week…I’m thankful for friends! Friends who are there through the good times and bad and that believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself.  Who can help you through something by talking it out, talking it through and making you see that there will be sunshine again…even if it means that the sun may shine at a different place tomorrow… Whatever you

To Be Young Again…

Yes, I am talking about growing older today.  Yes, I know you don’t want to go there.  Yes, I know you wish you could stay 18 forever (or 17 or 16 or even 15).  Yes, I know getting older is hard.  Yes, I know there are no do overs.  Yes, I know it’s a fact of life.  In fact, I don’t need anyone to remind of that.  It’s a fact


I sat down to read my devotionals today (I always do more than one a day) and I had decided to add a new one to my ever-growing collection. On a side note, my husband and I had just finished a discussion this morning on faith, fear and flakiness (and that’s for another blog, another time!) so I was really excited to jump into a devotional all about faith! I

It’s Mum’s Weekend…

Just taking a moment to say a big “Happy Mum’s Day” to all my friends and family members who are mums! Know that you are celebrated every day of the year!  You are doing a great job! May I challenge you in the next 365 days to redeem the time with your kiddos like never before!  Ecclesiastes 5:16 KJV has really been ringing in my ears the last few weeks. 

I Am Blessed…And You Are Too!

Have you ever asked someone how they were and their response was “Blessed and Highly Favored”? I have! I used to think “Wow, I wish I felt like that!” Ever felt like you weren’t blessed? Then this blog is for YOU! Maybe deep down you know you are blessed and highly favored, but the circumstances of life are just so overwhelming, so frustrating, and/or so worrisome right now that you

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