Next Time…I’ll Do Better

Have you ever thought, I will do better at this…next time!  Whatever “it” is, you will do better! I find myself thinking that ALL the time! Next birthday, I’ll do the party right! Next Christmas, I will be the Pinterest queen! Next summer, we will take a weekday trip every week! Next year, I will accomplish all 10 things on my Top Ten list of improvements! It’s always next time…I’ll

Just Not Ready…

I woke up this morning thinking of all the things that I don’t have ready for Christmas.  I still don’t have a tree up, the mantle is the only place that is decorated and at this point, I’ll be lucky if I get a tree up before Christmas Eve.  I may start a new tradition this year!  LOL  Thankfully the girls have trees in each of their rooms and they


As we head into the holiday season, I think all of us get a little more sentimental. Memories seem closer to our heart, traditions become a desire you won’t do without and time indicates to us that we don’t have that much time in all reality. Thanksgiving was always the one holiday that my maternal grandmother lived for. It was the one holiday that she asked everyone to get together

My First Blog Post

I have to say I am REALLY excited!  This is my first blog post. And I’m listening to the new Hillsong Young & Free record for the first time!  And I’m trying the Dark Fudge Peppermint Kettlecorn for the first time too!  I must admit I’m in love with all 3 of the new things I’m trying and doing! So my first blog post is going to be about stepping

Core Night Thank You…

Core Night Thank You… When looking back over this past year, what has been accomplished at Southern Illinois Worship Center is beyond amazing! We must praise God! And it all begins and ends with you…the CORE. Appropriately, we named our CORE group, the iServe team. This team makes what we do on Sundays and Wednesdays possible. We’ve often heard there is no “I” in the word team and neither is

Meet Melissa

Welcome to my world…I am the wife of Jason, mom of Morgan & Zoe and fur mom to Marlo & Lucy... I am a lover of the Enneagram and hope to be a certified coach very soon... I'm a worshipper and I love leading worship... I love all things social media & marketing... and I love to help coach people through life.. Be sure to check my social links above and follow me on all channels!